Access our studio from laneway off Fir st
Access our studio from laneway off Fir st

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Keratin Infusion - The Art of Fusion - The Science of Perfection.

Free from thyioglycolate, parabens and ammonia.

How is this different to other lifting products on the market?

  • We do not use thioglycolate acid which is a perming solution used in all other brands
  • No risk of over processing ever
  • No frizziness or odd shaped ends
  • 100% damage free lashes
  • Real keratin infused into each lash with our patent technology
  • Increases diameter of lashes by 40%
  • Lashes are left super hydrated as opposed to dry
  • Repairs over processed or damaged lashes

The most common chemical used in standard lash lifting systems to de-bond the lashes is ammonium thioglycolate. This solution contains a lot of free ammonia  which swells the hair rendering it permeable. It can also cause severe burns and chemical injuries if it comes in contact with the skin, eyes, respiratory or digestive track.

What we use to de-bond the lashes is cysteine HCL (an amino acid of keratin). It's a natural occurring compound created from protein. After we de-bond the lashes we can rebuild them. This is where we infuse them with real keratin. This is the step that standard lash lifting systems does not have. This is our patented application method.

What do we infuse the lashes with?

We infuse the lashes with a cocktail of highly charged peptides, vitamins, keratin and panthenol. It contains an extremely powerful hair strenghtening complex, has dual action penetrating the hair shaft to increase moisture content and plasticity of the hair to lubricate and reinforce to cuticle. Peptides gives the eyelashes more volume, it promotes the hair bulb keratinocyte proliferation ensuring optimal hair anchorage and longer, fuller, stronger lashes.