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EPILFree Permanent Hair ReMOVAL

Revolutionary Permanent Hair Reduction Waxing System

Finally lasting hair removal for everyone. Safe, natural and effective, Epilfree works equally well on all hair and skin types.

The epilfree system is an innovative, next generation, worldwide – patented system for permanent hair reduction. Developed in Israel by Dr. Yoel Koris , PHD and Dr. Zhai Selkovitis, Dermatologist.

The preparation is based on a unique scientifically-formulated combination of natural & synthetic ingredients using only essential liquids extracted from ladies mantle, eucalyptus and Urea. Applied in a specific process to the hair follicles in your skin, this formula helps to nourish and soften the skin, enabling substances causing the delay and inhibition of unwanted hair growth to the hair follicle, effectively stopping the division of hair cells preventing the growth of new hair in the area.


Does It Work For Light Coloured Hair?

Yes. Epilfree is the first lasting hair removal system that works equally well on hair colours and types. If you have fine baby or vellum hair, red, blonde, grey or dark we got you covered!

Can Teenagers Use Epilfree?

Yes. Epilfree can be used by all people regardless of age. It has been tested and show to be safe, pain free and without side effects.

How Many Treatments Do I Need?

A series of 8-12 treatments is typically needed to effectively reduce the hair in most areas. The need for a series of treatments is due to the way that hair grows in stages with only about 15% of the hair on your body at any one time in the growth stage, when epilfree can be effective. The exact number of treatments needed varies from person to person and from body part to body part.

How Long Should I Wait Between Treatments?

Time between treatments are based on rate of hair growth and varies from person to person. For best results the treatment should be done when remaining hair grows back to between 2.5 mm (1/8″) and 5.0 mm (1/4″) in length. This allows the Epilfree Epilation treatment wax to grab to the hair most effectively.

Can I Be Exposed To The Sun Or Go Tanning After My Treatment?

Yes. Exposure is allowed 24 hours after.

How Soon Will I See Results?

Typically results will be visible 2-3 treatments after. With a full course of 8-12 treatments required to stop the growth of most hair. The speed of visible results varies from person to person but is general 10-12 % of hair reduction is seen per treatment. Booster treatments may be needed every 6 months.

When Is EpilFree Not Recommended?

Pregnant or lactating women should not use Epilfree. Do not use epilfree in cases of skin cancer or other types of cancer. After a skin peel allow skin to heal completely before using Epilfree. Do not use if undergoing acne treatments such as acutane or blood thinners. Any hormonal imbalances should be corrected before undergoing Epilfree treatment.



See what our clients are saying about Me Beauty Clinic

“I have been getting the epilfree treatment on my underarms. I am not a good candidate for laser. I was a bit skeptical at first but after only a few treatments and already seeing a massive reduction in hair growth im so stoked. No more shaving for me!”

– Marian M.