Founded by Paula Quigley, ME Beauty offers the latest advanced keratin infused lash lifting treatment. This is very different to traditional keratin lash lifts. It is the only TRUE keratin lash treatment on the market. We have a patented technology where we infuse REAL keratin into each lash increasing diameter of lashes by 40%. We guarantee damage free, strong healthy lashes. We offer exceptional customer service and client care, in a comfortable and professional environment.

Wife to be, and mother of two young children Milo and Effie (where ME Beauty found its name), Paula has over 16 years experience in the beauty industry. She holds two lash lifting certificates and has also attended an advanced master class in L.A with famed master trainer Elysee Z. Paula was nominated in 2019 for lash artist integrity award from the national association of lash artists (NALA). She is also a certified NALA educator and trains lash artists across Canada.

Hailing from Ireland where she began her career as an esthetician, Paula moved to Vancouver 8 years ago. Over the course of her career, her interest has evolved from a wide range of beauty therapies to a more profound interest in quality lash lifting and training.